Vanilla 2.0 Recipe Review

Vanilla 2.0: A New Recipe Tried

Vanilla 2.0 is a recipe from LilaLoa, a blogger and cookier who’s pretty amazing. I’ve read so many good things about Vanilla 2.0 I decided to give it a try. The hope of this new recipe was to have even, flat tops and retain the shape as closely as possible, and of course, amazing flavor. Were those hopes realized in the recipe? Well, yes and no.

My Results

vanilla 2.0  vanilla 2.0

A post is in the works to do a comparison of 3 different popular cookie recipes. This recipe is one of the three so the complete results won’t be included here. The great cookie comparison is something that I’m really excited about! I cannot wait to share my results with you and I’ll be going into much more detail about each recipe and the cookies it produced in it.

To briefly state it, the cookies tasted good, but not as good as my original recipe. The texture and mouth feel were completely different. Not bad, just different. The same cookie recipe has been made in this house for the past year and a half; it’s a big change!

The cookies were perfect for decorating which was a huge plus. The tops were even and flat, and the cookies were almost the exact same shape as when they were put in the oven.

This recipe calls for 2 types of sugar, one of them being brown. Because of this, the cookies are darker than I normally would like because I only had dark brown sugar on hand. I made this recipe on a whim which goes against two of my rules of baking –

  • Never start a recipe until you have read the recipe at least twice
  • Never start a recipe until all ingredients are in stock.

I should listen to myself more often!

Here are the cookies before and after decorating

My dear Mother’s birthday was just yesterday and I wanted to make her some cookies. They decorated so nicely! I baked and decorated in the same day and I really don NOT recommend doing that. The cookie decorating here looks sloppy to me and I didn’t use my own creation, the Cookie Design Worksheet (being made available as soon as I can figure out how to do so). That helps my MS brain simplify my process and organize my thoughts before they can slip away. It’s really hand and I’m excited to share it with you!

vanilla 2.0  


The final results…

I enjoyed trying a new recipe and think it was a very good thing to do something new. Sometimes we get into our comfort zones and have a hard time getting out!

Will I make the Vanilla 2.0 again? That’s a definite yes, but of course I’ll follow all my baking rules. I’ll also add a few more minutes to the timer when I’m baking to see if that helps with the textures. The cookies are super dense and I think a few more minutes in the oven would have fixed that. I’m realizing I want to have several recipes in my arsenal to use for different occasions.

The best part is that my mom loved her cookies and I even had a few to share with some ladies at my church.

Have you tried a new recipe lately? Drop a comment and let me know what it was!

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