sprinklesSPRINKLES! Who doesn’t want to learn how to make your own? When I realized how easy it was, I was super excited to do it!

In addition to it being so easy, it’s a great way to use up that extra royal icing you really don’t want to throw out. Sprinkles have become very trendy for cookies and other desserts, and can include everything from snowflakes to large shiny balls. We aren’t going that crazy, but simple sprinkles are fun to make and easy.

Here is a step by step tutorial with lots of pictures so you can make your own!

Equipment Needed:

Making sprinkles doesn’t take a lot of special equipment. If you’ve seen that viral video on Facebook about how sprinkles are made, don’t worry. I’m not including large extruders or big barrel drums for mixing 🙂 Here’s the equipment you need…

  • piping bags
  • Wilton #2 tip (or whatever size you would like to make)
  • Piping bags of your choice or you could use a sandwich bag.
  • wax paper
  • stackable cooling racks (optional)

I’ll post an Amazon link at the bottom with the materials I used for this little project.

Step 1: Make the Icing


Look at that fluffy goodness! I’m not going to do a step by step of icing this time, you can find my royal icing recipe and how to make it here. It’s what I will use to make the sprinkles. I thinned it out just a little so it would flow easily through the piping tip, but you don’t need flood consistency; think toothpaste. I used my spray bottle from the Dollar store and literally sprayed 5 pumps of mist into each cup of icing. Of course this isn’t a great measurement for everyone since your bottle will probably be different from mine, but just a little thinner than stiff will do it.

spray bottleDon’t mind my stained counter tops, they are very old but I prefer to call them “vintage” 🙂

Step 2: Color your Icing

color icingLet your imagination run wild here or just use up the colors you already have. Think of your upcoming cookie projects and make up some colors to match! I used these three AmeriColors and they were pretty vibrant. I liked how they turned out.colors

When you color icing, especially when making darker colors, you need to let the colors develop to get that deep color. Color your icing about an hour before you want to use it, and overnight is even better. Colors like black, red, navy blue, or dark green are colors that will darken dramatically after they have set for a while. Even though my colors weren’t super dark, they did get more vivid after setting overnight.

Step 3: Prepare Your Work Space


If you have limited work space, you may need work in batches.

  • Clear off your work space and make sure there’s nothing underneath. I have kids so there are usually crumbs everywhere!
  • Roll out a piece of wax paper for each color you plan to keep separate (don’t use parchment, the sprinkles don’t come off as well and wax paper is cheaper) as long as you would like. There’s no right or wrong here!
  • Set up your cooling racks if you are using them.

wax paper

Step 4: Make the Sprinkles!

After your RI colors have developed, it’s time to bag them. You’ll find a little RI goes a long way when making sprinkles, so you don’t need a large bag. I used Wilton #2 tips and a Wilton #1 tip with couplers so I can change out the tips if needed. I’m planning on using this RI later for cookies.

  • Starting at one end of the wax paper, pipe a line all the way to the other end (horizontally). It’s ok if you get some air bubbles in there, it won’t make a difference for the final product.


  • Fill the wax paper with lines as close together as you can get them, just not touching. They don’t have to be perfectly straight, but you’ll get more on there if your lines are on the straight side.

lines close together

  • Change to a new wax paper sheet when you are ready to change colors if you want to keep them separate, or you can line the paper with multiple colors to have a cute mix like I’ve done here. You can also see I’ve done some different sizes, I used a Wilton #2, #3, and an off brand #2 which seems to be a little smaller than the Wilton #2.

multiple colors

After you have done all your colors, let the RI lines dry until hard. Since the lines are pretty thin, it doesn’t take very long. Test an end piece where it’s the thickest by pressing lightly on it. If it gives at all it’s not ready.

When the lines are dry, fold the two edges up so don’t lose your sprinkles.

fold up sides together

Starting at one end with the sides still folded, roll up the paper. This part can be kind of tricky and  you have to keep holding the sides down, it gets a little easier after you get it started. As you roll up the paper, the lines will break apart and tada! Sprinkles!



The Final Results

You can crunch them a little more to make smaller sprinkles, or you can leave them longer for a more unique look.

sprinklesHere are some sprinkles I made earlier using up some RI I had left over from some baby shower cookies.

blue and gray sprinklesDots!

I also decided to try making some dots while I had out my wax paper. These are pretty time-consuming and I probably wouldn’t do it all the time, but it was still fun to make. I also have matching dots to go with my sprinkles!

First I piped the dots on the bottom of the same wax paper where I had my lines.

dots and linesAfter they dried, I used an offset spatula to gently run under them to lose them off the wax paper.

offset spatulaAnd that’s it! Simple and easy and so cute!


The colors together kind of remind me of that one movie with a large furry monster and a small green large-eyed monster… That was NOT on purpose 🙂

Just think of all the possibly with this technique! You can make tiny RI transfers to throw in the mix, different shapes, whatever you can think up!

Using the Sprinkles

I’ll update the post when I use them on some cookies. I’ve got some cookies I’ll be making soon and will definitely be using my new creations. I can’t wait to see them on my cookies!

Will you try making your own sprinkles? I hope I’ve shown you how easy it can be!

Thanks for reading!


P.S. Here’s the stuff I promised at the beginning. This is almost exactly what I used to make these cute sprinkles ( I have different cooling racks and I like this one better than mine:) and if you purchase through my Amazon link, you don’t pay more but I get a small commission which helps me bring you these simple tutorials 🙂



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