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Awww, Look at that Baby Blog…

Everyone starts somewhere, right? I have wanted to blog for a long time. Literally it’s been years I have thought about starting one but just never had the inspiration to get it going. I had my AHA! moment a few weeks ago as I was reading several of my favorite blogs and all but one are about baking, mainly cookies. My Facebook feed is mostly taken up with videos and pictures of cakes and cookies. As an aspiring cookie decorator and baker, I decided this was my niche! About 3 weeks ago I started preparing. I got the fancy camera that I’d always wanted, started to learn how to use it ( beginner there too!) bought a few more decorating supplies, and finally took the big leap and created my blog.

Are you my reader?

The ideal reader for this blog would be someone who is pinning hundreds of decorated cookies, maybe cakes too, and dreaming of decorating those adorable penguin cookies, or piping that sparkly unicorn cake. My hope for this blog is to inspire you to jump in and learn with me!  As of right now, I can’t do those things either, but I hope to soon! Check out my ‘A little About Me’ page to see what makes me tick, I’m guessing we’ve got a few things in common. Thank you for reading, I hope you are as excited about this new adventure as I am!

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